Frequently Asked Questions

We REQUIRE 12 hours’ notice for all appointment cancellations.

  • If you cancel with less than 12 hours’ notice and we are able to re-book the session to another party, we will not charge you a late cancellation fee.
  • If we are unable to book the session to another party due to your late cancellation or, if you are a NO-SHOW without any notice of canceling, then we will have to charge the fees.

Complete non-attendance (“NO-SHOW”) &/or a late cancellation (that was not able to be re-booked by another party), will result in the following fees:

1st Time NO-SHOW/Late Cancellation:

  • 25 Min Appts: $15
  • 45+ Min Appts: $25

2nd NO-SHOW & beyond:

  • Full Session Price or full session deducted from package. Salt Society Members will be charged $30 and membership may be revoked if necessary.

Especially during SALTY SEASON (Fall & Winter), please be aware that we must place clients on waitlists or book them days later than their requested appointment time because we are often overbooked…

So, NO-SHOWs negatively affect both our business and our clients who are desperately trying to get a salt appointment.

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation!

Salt therapy is a natural treatment method used throughout history. A therapy shown to be a mild detoxifier that has many benefits for respiratory issues, sinus issues, allergies, skin issues, and more. Some find it helpful for anxiety. Athletes love it for increased lung capacity. City dwellers are exposed to a lot of pollution and toxins daily so you don’t need to have respiratory issues to feel the benefits. Our mold clients have reported that more than anything their Salt Sessions help them the most of all the modalities they do in their journey to regain their health.

​Salt is also incredibly effective as a preventative treatment to boost your immune function and to clear common colds and other respiratory illnesses before they get a chance to cause infection.

Salt is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial.

You will get SALTY! Everything in OC Salt Therapy is salty! The microparticles settle to the surfaces and look like a dust!

If you wear dark colors, it will look like a dust on your clothing, but it’s just salt! It’ll wash right out.

​Most choose to wear exercise type clothing. Some like their skin to be exposed. Others like to cover up and even bring a little throw blanket or beach towel…some wear hoodies or shower caps (especially if they just got a nice new ‘do!… others say it just feels like a dry shampoo and don’t mind the microparticles in their hair at all). You may see some salters wearing bathing suits — true salty skin enthusiasts! It’s really a choose-your-own-journey experience! You’ll have to try it and decide on your own Salty Style!

​Bring water with you for your drive home as you will likely find yourself to be thirsty as that salt continues to work in your body!

Salt binds with moisture internally and thins mucus, so you may get a runny nose; but, no fear, we provide tissues in the salt rooms!

​If you’re asthmatic, please take a magnesium supplement on the day of your session (really, daily is a good idea anyway!) and always bring your rescue inhaler with you.

Salt is negative, but that is positive!  Salt has the natural ability to balance out the positive charge in our bodies by binding the excessive positive ions with salt’s negative ions. The neutralizing forces of salt cancel out positive charged and harmful electromagnetic vibrations in our environment (electro-smog), as well as in our body. Hence, salt therapy has de-stressing and relaxing effects.

What Conditions Should Not be Treated with Halotherapy?

​If you have a fever, please stay home… join us for salty goodness after your fever has broken. Salt is actually most effective as a preventative treatment or for treating chronic illnesses, and while it has wonderful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, we want to limit exposure to active illness to maintain an atmosphere of health and wellness.

​Infectious diseases, active tuberculosis, cardiac insufficiency, COPD – 3rd stage, bleeding or spitting blood, alcohol or drug intoxication, unstable or uncontrolled hypertension, cancers, kidney disease, and acute stages of respiratory disease.

​With any conditions, always check with your primary physician.

​Asthmatics may experience a constriction of their airways in rare cases due to the salty “dust”/microparticles. We do not expect this to happen as the vast majority of our asthmatic clients have only positive experiences with salt therapy; but, on rare occasions, it can occur. We ask all asthmatics to always bring their rescue inhalers and, at the advice of a Functional Med doctor who is a Salt Therapy fan, take a magnesium supplement as this is a natural dilator (and the majority of us are deficient in magnesium anyway!). We keep magnesium oil on hand and we sell Pristine Hydro’s Electrolyte Balance magnesium supplement–a superb magnesium supplement! Always consult with your doctor.

Are There Any Side Effects to Salt Therapy?

​Typically there are few side effects yet occasionally some may experience slight throat tickle eased by drinking water or gargling warm water.

As the contaminants and excess mucus and fluid begin to clear in the lungs and sinuses, some may experience increased coughing for a short time.

​A runny nose is normal from the thinning mucus as well.

​A few who wear contacts have reported a bit of a drying effect; others do just fine.

On very rare occasions, some get slightly irritated skin/redness that dissipates soon after and subsides with continued sessions.

​If children have little paper cuts, open scratches, etc., please cover them with Band-Aids — salt in a wound doesn’t feel good to the lil’ones!

Is There an Age Limit?

​There is no age limit for treatment. Young infants will be treated with a lower concentration of salt in the air. Ages 6 months and younger should have the permission of their doctor.

​Is There Research to Support Salt Therapy?

​Salt therapy has been researched and written about extensively and there are links to a number of clinical studies from medical researchers. We suggest Googling PubMed studies on Halotherapy.

​Here’s a few links to get you started:

Is it Harmful to Breathe in Too Much Salt?

While eating too much salt is said to be bad for your body [please only cook with rock salts and/or sea salts!<–lots of research out there on the benefits of this!], breathing it in does not affect your heart, stomach or kidneys, as exposure during salt therapy is limited to your respiratory system. The concentration of salt that you breathe in during salt therapy is very low (between .5 and 10 milligrams per cubic meter — less than a tea spoon).

The majority of us are exposed to chemicals, molds, pollutants and could use a good salt session!

​Think of salt therapy as a neti-pot or toothbrush for your airways! Those dry salty microparticles get deep into the of the sinuses and branches of the lungs, stimulate the cilia, liquefy mucus and dislodge/expel pollutants, debris, pathogens, etc. For skin, salt is pH balancing. Salt is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial.

Due to the antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial nature of salt it is not likely to catch an infection or be affected by bacteria during the therapy. Salt is a natural anti-bacterial and it kills almost all bacteria on contact.

We have Aquaox — HOCL All natural disinfectant made with water, salt and science on hand at all times. Safe, nontoxic and extremely effective against pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc. Ask us more about HOCL — we sell Aquaox and love to educate clients on HOCL made with SALT!


​We do request that you remind your little ones to be on their best behavior as this is a place where people come to heal. We offer toys and two of our rooms have TVs. Calm and quiet are important in this environment and we trust that you will do all you can to be sure your children do their very best to behave.

​Please instruct them not to throw the salt– digging, scooping, and piling into mounds is encouraged!

Please have young children use the restroom before their session. Any accidents in the salt room may result in extra fees due to the cost of needing to remove large quantities of salt.

Salt room therapy requires no special clothing; the salt will not damage your clothes. You may wear anything that you are comfortable with, as you will remain entirely clothed for the session. The only item that you remove is your shoes before entering. You may wear socks or be barefoot.

For children, we request that they come to sessions in clothing that is clean and free of dirt or mud, and clean socks, as the shoe coverings we provide may be too large to stay on their feet as they play in the salt room. We also request that children with long hair wear it in a ponytail or bun to minimize the amount of hair on the salt room floor.

​There are lots of toys to entertain children and TVs for those who wish to turn them on during their sessions!