We kindly expect you to silence your phones when you enter OC Salt Therapy out of respect for others.

While we are not a traditional Day Spa, we are a place of healing & restoration.

Children benefit greatly from salt and are welcome here.

Children are expected to use inside voices, to sit—not stand—properly on furniture, to walk—never run—within our premises, and have great fun in our salt rooms, but with respect for our property & for others who are here for healing. Children must always be supervised by their parent(s) or guardian.

  • NO FOOD, GUM, CANDIES, LIQUIDS/DRINKS (*including water), in the salt rooms at any time.
    *Please bring water with you though (to be stored outside the salt room) as you may be thirsty upon leaving your salt session &/or require a drink here or there during your session if your throat happens to get a little scratchy from post-nasal drip. Most make it through an entire session without requiring water, but everyone’s experience is personal & different.
  • NO FRAGRANCES on body or clothing.
    Including: Essential oils, perfumes, Scented Lotions, scented hand sanitizers, Scented Lip Balms/Chapsticks, Colognes, heavily or overly scented make-ups, etc. If you arrive with wet hair, the fragrance of your shampoo/conditioner may be too overwhelming. Salt amplifies fragrances & we have many fragrance-sensitive clients here!
  • We ask that long hair be pulled back into a pony-tail as to limit hair falling onto our salt covered floors. Some like to wear shower caps or hoodies and others love the micro-particles to hit their skin & hair. You must try it to learn your own salty style!
  • NO glittery/sequin clothing. These clothing items tend to leave unwanted sparkles behind on our salt covered floors and are too small to be removable. Most like to wear comfortable exercise type clothing for their salt sessions.
    YOU WILL BE SALTY WHEN YOU LEAVE HERE—lighter colored clothing will hide that salty looking dust better than dark colors/black clothing. Microparticles of salt are constantly floating in the air and settle on every surface, even in our waiting room. It looks like dust and it sticks to your clothing, but does wash out (salt is a water softener too!)!
  • Most Salt Enthusiasts LOVE to salt barefoot (salt is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, & anti-inflammatory!). Some like to wear socks. NO SHOES are allowed on our salt room floors. Feet should be clean—especially important to check your children’s feet prior to coming to salt!
  • Most like to bring a beach towel to salt! Some put their beach towels on the chairs so that the back of their clothing doesn’t get too salty and then transfer to their car! Others like to bring non-lint/non-pilling blankets. Some bring hand towels to brush off their salty feet before putting their shoes back on—salt does eventually soak into your skin and is pH balancing (as long as you are hydrated)! The salt usually softens the skin!
  • We provide tissues in all our salt rooms as it is most common to get some sinus drainage during your session… for some it can be 2 hours later or the next morning.
    We provide bags for you to utilize in your salt session to collect your used tissues. Please remove all used tissues from the salt room and discard in our trash bin at the end of your session.
  • If you choose to watch TV in our Moon & Dolphin Rooms, please turn the TV off at the end of your session.
  • TOYS go back in the bin at the end of the session; leaving the room clear of items that other guest may step on during their salt session.
  • NO throwing salt in the salt rooms EVER. Siblings love this game that will often end in tears as pellets of salt do sting the eyes! Children also like throwing salt at the door because of the awesome sound it makes. However, it makes an awful mess for us in the door jam and we cannot get the door to properly close after salt has been thrown against the door. SO, NO THROWING SALT EVER.
  • NO picking at the salt on the walls. Families will be charged for any damage caused to our salt walls.
  • Non-potty-trained children must wear appropriate protective clothing/diapers/pull-ups. Just as swim lessons are not the appropriate place to chance any accidents, so are salt rooms. Our salt flooring is expensive to replace, and families will be charged accordingly for accidents resulting in salt loss requiring replenishment.
  • Asthmatics should ALWAYS bring their rescue inhalers with them.
  • It is recommended that you are always properly hydrated when you do salt, PEMF, Red Light, Sauna, foot baths, etc.

Stay Salty our Salty Friends!!!