A Few of My Favorite Things!

Hi Salty Friends!

Many clients at OC Salt Therapy love to say, “You have all the fun stuff!” It’s true!! From Mindful Minerals to Simply Elderberry to Quintessential to ASEA and beyond….the best stuff on the planet keeps finding me!!!

When all these fun new products find me, I research them…. then I use them myself and sometimes recruit others to try them as well… and then I decide whether or not to carry it in my storefront.

Unfortunately, sometimes I run short on time to share my thoughts and opinions on these ahhhhmazing finds! Sooooo, here are some links to some of my faaaaaavorite things:

The Kloud!

Dr. Kafka’s latest & greatest Magnetic Frequency device that it once again revolutionizing frequency wellness! 8 coils! No messy/tangled cords! Easy to use & travel with! Utilizing 12 years of research to bring you the best of PEMF signaling in one very well designed device!



The Vollara Air&SurfacePro!

Utilizing NASA technology (used to keep the Space Station bacteria, viral, fungus, VOC & germ free), this ahhhhmazing air filter also kills all of the above not only in the air, but on surfaces by sending Super Hydroxyls out into the air!



Izumio Hydrogen Water!

From a great spring water sourced in Japan, using Leader-in-the-Field science & research to hydrogenate the water & to keep those extra hydrogen molecules incapsulated into the pouch! Hydrogen being the smallest atom, escapes plastic, wood, metal, etc. freely & quickly! But, not when you have the best of science on your side!



ASEA Redox Cell-Signaling Molecules!

Breakthrough technology reorganizing natural salt and purified water into redox signaling molecules shown to signal the activation of genetic pathways improving such things as the immune system, modulating inflammation response, maintaining cardiovascular health & arterial elasticity, improve gut health and digestive enzyme production, & modulate hormone balance!





Dr. Prasad, of the Nobel-Prize Committee, was commissioned years ago to formulate a daily supplement for our military & NASA Astronauts. In 6 years of development & studies and $24million dollars to find the best quality ingredients, in highly-absorbable forms, we got the original MicroDaily formula, which on it’s own, is beyond amazing. Now, Dr. Prasad has reformulated the original supplement recipe to address 5G concerns –aka all this wifi, wireless radiation, technology, electricity, wave signals that are hitting are cells at higher rates than ever! MicroDaily EMF has the crucial added ingredients of Green Tea, Curcumin, Reserveratol, and Quercetin because of their cell protecting, anti-inflammatory qualities, among other reasons!


More to come on Mindful Minerals, Beauty Society, Quintessential, Pristine Electrolight Balance, Simply Elderberry, Nightengale CBD Cream, Tesla Rocks, The Zorb Shungite, Spatone Iron & more!