Phur-ifying Our Salty Palace!

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

We wanted to inform you of our increased efforts at OC Salt Therapy.

As always, no one with a fever will be allowed in our salt rooms.

We have clients who come here as a regular part of their health and wellness lifestyle. The majority of our clients are not actively sick, but are here for asthma, allergies, skin conditions, immune system boost, seasonal support, and respiratory system/pollution detox, etc.

Please be mindful at this time and refrain from coming in sick at this time.

We are currently diffusing pHur– our non-toxic, organic, non-corrosive disinfectant– in 3 areas of our lobby all day, every day.

In addition, we are doing extra (and often) spraying of all high-touch areas throughout the day: chairs, lockers, doorknobs, countertops, bathroom fixtures, PEMF applicators, pens, kid’s toys, etc.

In addition, we are having professional-grade spraying of pHur via an electrolytzed sprayer done every few days. This electrolyzed application makes pHur more readily stick to the walls as it air dries and kills bacteria, molds, and viruses within minutes.

We highly encourage every client to bring a hand towel in with them to put behind their heads while resting comfortably in our zero gravity chairs– like you would do at the gym to help stop any possible cross contamination.

We spray our chairs with pHur, and the salt is very effective in and of itself at squashing viruses, but let’s be extra cautious at this time.

Personally, I’m spraying pHur every time I get back into my car from any and all errands, taking immune boosting supplements (don’t forget about Elderberry Syrup & Vitamin C! Visit Dr. Rettig’s post about Immune Boosting Supplements and Virus Supplements!), using the PEMF daily, doing Salt 2 -3 times per week, taking salt baths, using saline nose spray, gargling with warm saltwater, trying to get good rest every night & hydrating with good quality water 😊 (&, washing my hands, of course!)

Thank you SO much Salty Friends! Stay hydrated, boost your immune system, & get lots of good rest & good nutrition❣💙💙💙

P.S. Our shelves are currently being re-stocked daily with fresh batches of pHur for purchase. By the end of each day, we are sold out. If you’d like to order a gallon, we need 1 – 2 days notice. Our recommendation is a Travel Size to take with you EVERYWHERE and a 32 oz for home use and to refill your travel size

… Stay Salty!

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NASA Tech in Use @ OC SALT: Clean Air & Surfaces!

One of several disinfecting practices we employ at OC Salt Therapy is the Vollara Air and SurfacePro. Not only does it work like a more traditional air filter, bringing in the surrounding air and purifying it using internal UVC light; it also goes above and beyond by harnessing microscopic oxygen and water molecules in the air and sending them through the revolutionary ActivePure honeycomb matrix.


While inside the matrix, the molecules are transformed into friendly-yet-powerful oxidizers. As they’re released back into the air, these now supercharged ActivePure molecules seek out and rapidly destroy contaminants, viruses, molds, fungi, odor causing bacteria, pollen, dust, VOCs, household chemical residues, dander, etc.– even in hard to reach places! Picture an invisible PacMan of sorts gobbling up toxins! Working on SURFACES and the air!



Built using the technology originally developed for use on the International Space Station, listed as one of the 7 Space Technologies that changed the world by Huffington Post in 2017, and only one of the few inductees into the Space Foundation Hall of Fame! Up there with the Cochlear Implant, Global Positioning System, Lasik, Pacemaker and Tempur Foam! It’s a pretty big deal!



And, most important to our clients: NO FRAGRANCE!! NON-TOXIC DISINFECTING!! Great for those with CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES AND ALLERGIES!


You too can own one for your own home or business! Order direct here:

Or, stop by OC Salt Therapy to inquire about special multi-unit pricing, see a demo, and/or learn more.

No filter changes needed–it notifies you when the filter just simply needs vacuuming. Every 2 years, it is recommended to replace the ionizing coil inside the unit.

The Polish Go Into the Salt Mine for Long Covid Recovery

It’s not surprising that one of the world’s oldest salt mines, Wieliczka in Poland, would lead the world with Salt Therapy protocols once again. Dr. Feliks Boczkowsi was the first doctor to open a health resort in the Wielickza Salt Mine in 1839 after noticing that salt miners had no respiratory issues, glowing skin, and generally happy dispositions…

Now, they’ve developed programs and protocols in the underground salt mine for Covid Long Haulers. You can see more about it here:

They report 60-80% improvements in their physical tests:

We’ve long known the respiratory and anti-inflammatory benefits of Halotherapy.

Anti-Microbial, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial all packed into a magical microparticle dispersed into the air!

See some studies on Salt Therapy here:

GET SALTY!!! It’s a good thing!

Happy Earth Day! | Beauty with an Eco-Friendly Mindset!

It’s Earth Day and Beauty Society is celebrating with lots of fun sale incentives! — BUT, we’ll get to that later… first, you HAVE TO KNOW what Beauty Society does for our amazing Mother Earth!


Beauty Society ships your orders in either a biodegradable bubble mailers or recyclable boxes packed full of WATER SOLUABLE PACKING PEANUTS MADE FROM CORNSTARCH!

I LOVE that Beauty Society cares!

And, wait…there’s even more…..

Beauty Society offers REFILL PACKETS for many of their amazing products. You save money by not having to purchase your original glass bottle repeatedly and you help save the planet from excess waste!

On top of that Beauty Society PLANTS A TREE in one of 3 critical forest regions (in Haiti, Madagascar, or Nepal) with every refill pouch purchase via their partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects!!

You can learn more about the Reforestation project here:


Now, back to those ahhhhmazing EARTH DAY OFFERS!

>>One FREE REFILL, with every 2 refills purchased!

>>FREE reusable make-up remover wipes with any $99 purchase

>>$5 off orders of $50!

>>If you’re the luckiest of the lucky & come to this post first, you can use my one time code for $20 off a $60 order!



Shop here:

A Few of My Favorite Things!

Hi Salty Friends!

Many clients at OC Salt Therapy love to say, “You have all the fun stuff!” It’s true!! From Mindful Minerals to Simply Elderberry to Quintessential to ASEA and beyond….the best stuff on the planet keeps finding me!!!

When all these fun new products find me, I research them…. then I use them myself and sometimes recruit others to try them as well… and then I decide whether or not to carry it in my storefront.

Unfortunately, sometimes I run short on time to share my thoughts and opinions on these ahhhhmazing finds! Sooooo, here are some links to some of my faaaaaavorite things:

The Kloud!

Dr. Kafka’s latest & greatest Magnetic Frequency device that it once again revolutionizing frequency wellness! 8 coils! No messy/tangled cords! Easy to use & travel with! Utilizing 12 years of research to bring you the best of PEMF signaling in one very well designed device!


The Vollara Air&SurfacePro!

Utilizing NASA technology (used to keep the Space Station bacteria, viral, fungus, VOC & germ free), this ahhhhmazing air filter also kills all of the above not only in the air, but on surfaces by sending Super Hydroxyls out into the air!


Izumio Hydrogen Water!

From a great spring water sourced in Japan, using Leader-in-the-Field science & research to hydrogenate the water & to keep those extra hydrogen molecules incapsulated into the pouch! Hydrogen being the smallest atom, escapes plastic, wood, metal, etc. freely & quickly! But, not when you have the best of science on your side!


ASEA Redox Cell-Signaling Molecules!

Breakthrough technology reorganizing natural salt and purified water into redox signaling molecules shown to signal the activation of genetic pathways improving such things as the immune system, modulating inflammation response, maintaining cardiovascular health & arterial elasticity, improve gut health and digestive enzyme production, & modulate hormone balance!




Dr. Prasad, of the Nobel-Prize Committee, was commissioned years ago to formulate a daily supplement for our military & NASA Astronauts. In 6 years of development & studies and $24million dollars to find the best quality ingredients, in highly-absorbable forms, we got the original MicroDaily formula, which on it’s own, is beyond amazing. Now, Dr. Prasad has reformulated the original supplement recipe to address 5G concerns –aka all this wifi, wireless radiation, technology, electricity, wave signals that are hitting are cells at higher rates than ever! MicroDaily EMF has the crucial added ingredients of Green Tea, Curcumin, Reserveratol, and Quercetin because of their cell protecting, anti-inflammatory qualities, among other reasons!

More to come on Mindful Minerals, Beauty Society, Quintessential, Pristine Electrolight Balance, Simply Elderberry, Nightengale CBD Cream, Tesla Rocks, The Zorb Shungite, Spatone Iron & more!